Popular Tenerife Sculptures

There are some incredible sculptures dotted around the island of Tenerife just waiting to be discovered. We’re posting just a few notable ones for you to give you a taste of the kind of sculptures available for you to see and most of them are outdoor due to the fabulous climate of the island.

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Situated in Plaza del Principe in Santa Cruz, this sculpture by Hanneke Beaumont is very popular among visitors and even has a place to sit for the all important photo.

Courage by Hanneke Beaumont


The Guanches
Another popular location on the island is Candelaria where the Guanche sculptures stand guard over the coastline and the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias.

Statues of the guanches in the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias


This interesting sculpture can be found at Parque García Sanabria in Santa Cruz.
A plump looking lady sits in the middle of the fountain where rainbows surround her in the afternoon sun. The weather in Tenerife is perfect for these sculptures and the dry air helps preserve them.

Monumento Garcia 06


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